Sports club

PSGCP students are OVERALL CHAMPS at a Intercollegiate sports meet held @ Ramakrishna College of Pharmacy 13-15 Dec 2018.

PSGCP students won the overall championship at a recently held intercollegiate sports meet held at Ramakrishna College of Pharmacy Coimbatore on 13-15 December2018. PSGCP students also won a host of individual prizes other the overall championships.

The annual intra-PSGCP-sports event , KREEDA, was held at the college on 28-29 March 2018. PSG Nursing College Principal Mrs Jayasudha was the Chief Guest of the event. Various sports events were held for both boys and girls and prices were awarded individually as well as the intra college teams: White Ninjas, Striking Blues, Red Warriors, & Black Panthers. For the first time of the 18 year history of the college, the Striking Blues claimed the overall championships of KREEDA-2018.