World cancer day recognized on February 4 every year, was celebrated in the PSG Hospitals by the Department of Pharmacy Practice PSGCP in collaboration with the Department of Oncology, PSG Hospitals. An awareness campaign was conducted inviting all out patients of the Department of Oncology. Awarness about the disease and the importance of the various therapies was outlined to the patient. As a part of student activity, a poster competition was conducted for all the students of the PSG college of Pharmacy and Nursing . The department of Pharmacy Practice, PSG college of Pharmacy conducted a Cancer awareness program in conjunction with the Oncology department of PSG hospitals on 4th February( World Cancer Day), 2016 at PSG Hospitals, Coimbatore This was conducted to raise awareness of Cancer, and to encourage its prevention, detection and treatment among the public. Brochures were given to the public regarding different types of cancer, their signs& symptoms, carcinogens, diagnostic tests, and treatment. Posters were prepared and displayed by Pharm.D interns. Pictures of different cancer fighting foods were displayed in the posters. Self examination methods of breast cancer were explained. Around 300 people came for this awareness program. Many queries about cancer were asked by the public. The queries are clarified by the Pharm.D interns. Most of them asked about cancer fighting foods, signs and symptoms of different cancer, risk factors and diagnostic test During the event , people were targeted to let them know about the risk factors causing the cancers such as tobacco use, obesity, low fruit or vegetable intake, less or no physical activity, alcohol use , sexual transmission of HPV infection, urban area air pollution, genetically risk factors etc. Awareness was created among public about their healthy lifestyles, balanced diet, regular physical activity, and weight management in order to reduce the risk of cancers. Posters presented on the Cancer Awareness Program held at PSG Hospitals on 4 February 2016.