Support for researchers

The College supports full-time research scholars with a monthly stipend of Rs.10000/.

Faculty members who have registered for Ph.D are provided with a grant for the procurement of chemicals required for their research work.

Interactions between the faculty and scholars with experts from Industry & Academia who are part of the Research Advisory Committee, is facilitated with an aim to improve the standards of research work undertaken.

Faculty members who attend National and International Conferences are supported with travel grant in addition to the grant they receive from other funding agencies.

Institutional Research Review Committee (IRRC) evaluates and recommends suggestions for modification of the proposals and conference papers before they are submitted to external agencies.

Adjunct faculty visits by Industry experts are conducted to create awareness to faculty on the latest developments in pharma research.

Workshops and hands on training in thrust areas are conducted to train students and scholars.

National and International conferences are organized with support from finding agencies to invite national and international experts to provide a platform to understand developments in emerging areas.