Research advisory committee


Develop the Institute as a Centre for Excellence in Pharmaceutical Research and Drug Development


  • Upgradation and modernisation of Laboratory and infrastructure to suit the present need
  • Branching out to Basic and Applied Sciences to tap the potential for collaboration
  • Establishing Industry-Institute cell
  • Enhance foreign exposure and tapping of funds for research
  • Motivating young talented minds in research
  • Inculcating research culture among students


  • To invoke a dynamic research program and to promote active participation of all faculty in research
  • To initiate research in thrust areas, to help improve healthcare through advancing the knowledge and skills of Pharmacists and other Health Care Professionals
  • To introduce best practices and networking with experts in other Institutions and Industry to foster collaborative research

Constitution of PSG College of Pharmacy Research Advisory Committee


The committee shall be appointed by the Principal, PSG College of Pharmacy and will have four faculty members of various disciplines from the College, four members from reputed Industries with different areas of expertise and two members from aided Academic Institutions of National importance.


Principal, PSG College of Pharmacy

The term of appointment of members shall be three years from the date of appointment as Committee member in PSGCP-RAC.


  • Encourage, promote and coordinate research in areas of healthcare
  • Identify thrust areas of research, through interaction with experts, participation in scientific forum and other technical events
  • Develop a comprehensive list of potential funding agencies and the requirements for submission
  • Manage faculty-wise research projects and keep updates for submission to the management and other statutory bodies
  • Encourage all faculty members to submit at least one proposal in a year for funding
  • Coordinate and help publish research
  • Coordinate research activities and enhance Industry-Institution collaborative research for further promoting Industry link and help improve student placement
  • Upgradation of laboratory facilities
  • Tracking college research activities
  • Conduct of workshop related to Scientific writing and communication skills for young faculty
  • Maintenance of records related to research activities including papers published and presentations in conferences

Frequency of meeting

  • PSGCP-Research Advisory Committee (RAC) membership is up to twelve members.
  • Principal of PSG College of Pharmacy will be the Chairman.
  • RAC members serve in an honorary capacity and therefore receive sitting fees for their services in the Committee.
  • Where external review of applications is required, the RAC will source reviewers and coordinate responses, and incorporate external comments into recommendations.
  • The RAC provides advice and makes recommendations to the Governing Council of the College for approval.
  • The PSGCP-Research Advisory Committee (RAC) will be convened twice in a year.
  • PSGCP-Research Advisory Committee (RAC) will suggest thrust areas of research.
  • The committee will highlight on the upcoming research opportunities and suggest collaboration with other Institutions.
1. Ninth Research Advisory Committee meeting 06.10.2018
2. Eighth Research Advisory Committee meeting 03.03.2018
3. Seventh Research Advisory Committee meeting 22.04.2017
4. Sixth Research Advisory Committee meeting 19.11.2016
5. Fifth Research Advisory Committee meeting 23.04.2016
6. Fourth Research Advisory Committee meeting 07.11.2015
7. Third Research Advisory Committee meeting 14.03.2015
8. Second Research Advisory Committee meeting 06.09.2014
9. First Research Advisory Committee meeting 14.12.2013