MAD club

MAD club was established in the year 2011 to the common interest of students with a view to make students come forward with their artistical talents and to nourish them along with their knowledge.

Patron : Dr.M.Ramanathan, Principal.

Staff In charge : Dr.Sivaram Hariharan

Secretary :

Joint Secretary :

PSGCP MAD Club finals for music, dance, and instrumental held on 3 May 2018

The PSGCP MAD Club held its annual music and dance competition to identify the voice of PSGCP as well the dance performer of PSGCP in both male and female categories. Eminent personalities in the music and dance world were invited as judges. There was a section for best instrumental performance and prizes were awarded. The proud winners were:

Gunaseelan (III BPharm) & Annie Christie (I PharmD) Voice of PSGCP

Aashiq (IV PharmD) & Surya (IV BPharm) Best Dancer of PSGCP

Emmanuel Jaison (IV BPharm) Best Instrumental .

Participant at the PSGCP MADCLUB Voice of PSGCP of the year competition Preliminaries

Event: “Voice of PSG”

On behalf of the PSGCP mad club activities, 1st preliminary round in this regard was conducted on Saturday 24 March 2018. Eight students each from the boys and girls have now been selected for the Semis.

Participant at the PSGCP MADCLUB Artist of the year competition Semifinals

Event: “Artist of PSG”

On behalf of the PSGCP mad club activities, 1st preliminary round in this regard was conducted on 30.11.2017(Thursday) between 4.00pm to 5.00pm on the Theme: “LOVE”.

For the 1st preliminary round, 42 students all over PSGCP participated. Out of these 42, 20 were selected for the semi final round.


The Semi final round was conducted on 08 January 2018. For semi finals, the theme was “Flowers”, which was given on the spot. 19 students participated in the semifinals.

For the first time, there were two categories in this competition.

  • Freestyle painting
  • Pencil shading

Out of the 19, 6 participants are selected for the finals as follows:

  • 3 members from freestyle painting
  • 3 members from pencil shading.


The final round was conducted on 19 Feb 2018. The six participating finalists were.

  • Shameeda Zainaba.N.O
  • Akshaya sree .P
  • Bhagyashree.M
  • Vehashnee Yogeshwa
  • Parveen. S
  • Swathy. K

Theme was given on the spot(“BEAUTY OF NATURE”)

The winners were:

1st place : Akshya sree. P

2nd place: Parveen .S

3rd place: Shameeda zainaba.N.O

And the Titles were taken by:

Akshya sree.P for freestyle painting

Parveen.S for pencil shading

Mad Club 30.11.2017 “Artist of PSG”

The music, arts, and dance club of PSGCP (MAD Club) conducted the annual painting competition for the students to unearth the artist of PSGCP for 2017-18. Many students participated in the first round and the ten of them have progressed to the next round.