CPE program refers to a specific form of education that helps to maintain professional competence and to learn about new developing areas. CPE being life-long, so as to pursue a lifelong career pharmacist should update knowledge and skills in the field of Hospital & Clinical pharmacy. The aim is improving the access to health care by means of helping patients with health problems, to make the best use of their medicines and to be a part of comprehensive health system. The Tamilnadu Dr MGR Medical University accredited CPE program initiated at PSG college of Pharmacy on January 2014. The university has allocated credit points for each CPE program which is mandatory for writing PG exams. Well experienced Physicians from various departments delivered talks on different topics focusing on clinical aspects, so far 13 CPE‘s been completed till June 2015. The Mission is to update skill and knowledge for pharmacists to improve patient health care.


  • To update their knowledge and be engaged in implementation of new technology and automation in pharmacy practice, where feasible
  • To provide a continuous maintenance of the competence of pharmacists as health-care professionals who have up-to-date skills and expertise
  • To improve the skills in prescription monitoring for patient medication safety
  • To provide effective medication therapy management by assessing and interpreting drug related problems
  • To apply pharmaceutical care in special populations to practice rational drug use
  • To develop the activities like TDM, clinical trials and research
  • To initiate programs like risk-benefit and prescription related studies among health care professional
  • To work as an effective member of health care team
S. No Name Name of the speaker Topic
1 09.12.2014 Dr. Suresh Prabhu ‘Pharmacological Management of Diabetes and new drugs on Horizon’
2 20.01.2015 Dr.Sujith Kumar ‘ Management of Dyslipidemia an Overview’
3 10.02.2015 Dr. Anand Iyyadurai The use of Antiphycotics in clinical practice
4 10.03.2015 Dr. Anupama Murthy ‘Management of multi Drug resistant TB’
5 21.04.2015 Dr. K. Ramdoss ‘Monitoring Drug levels in patients on Anticonvulsant therapy’
6 09.06.2015 Dr.Lathamaheswari.S ‘Drugs used in pregnancy’
7 21.07.2015 Dr. V. Sankar Research aspects in Drug Related problems
8 11.08.2015 Dr. J. Jayalakshmi Role of Pharmacist in preserving the use of Antibiotics
9 22.12.2015 Dr. M Ramanathan Role of Pharmacist in community health care