Semmozhiperavai organized “Mahakavi Bharathiyar Piranthanaalvila” on 14-12-2023

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On December 14, 2023, the Bharathiyar Piranthanaalvila unfolded in the first-floor gallery hall at 3.00PM, orchestrated by the Semmozhiperavai of the student council, PSGCP. The event commenced with a speech by Avinash, the secretary of Semmozhiperavai, addressing the Principal, Faculty judges, and dedicated students. The celebration was graced by the esteemed presence of our beloved principal, Dr. M. Ramanathan, and faculty, actively involved in the judgement report for the participating students. Dr. M. Ramanathan further enriched the occasion by delivering a detailed account of Bharathiyar history and philosophy, aiming to deepen the student understands and inspires their contributions. The gallery hall buzzed with energy during the events “Kavithaipotti” and “Oviyapotti” unfolded with students displaying lively and active engagement.